Expense Spy

Keep your personal money under control in phone, tablet or desktop.

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Expense Spy

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Easy to use mobile application for tracking personal expenses. Designed for Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Desktop, Windows 10 Tablet.

Main features

  • views by categories, by time, balance
  • budgets for short trips
  • regular payments
  • backup / restore data to OneDrive
  • export to Excel, CSV
  • currency conversion
  • password protection

Idea for your own app?

Our 20 years of experience with software development in different industry areas will help you analyze your needs and design optimal solution to fit your business requirements.

We can suggest you optimal technical solution in todays popular platforms.

We can create the app for you and help you with final tuning for your users, even on-site if necessary.

There are some companies who have already tried us:

easyDOK mobile

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Mobile frontend for existing care house agenda software produced by our swiss customer (www.easydok.ch).

It helps to collect data during the care of people as part of the process of care documentation.

Main features

  • online mode for fast and easy work
  • occasionally connected mode for areas with changing connectivity
  • offline mode for areas without connection
  • available for Windows and Android- runs on low-end to high-end devices


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